The Moment Before

by Jennifer on December 3, 2012

My two little parallel lines stood at the fence, one peering over, the other peering through, big and little hands gripping the bars.

Two sets of eyes, wide and reflecting the lights of the carousel, mouths open and jaws slack, eagerly waiting.

Little suddenly points out his choice, a frog, by shoving his outstretched finger through the bars and Big smiles his approval.  Big wants the cheetah.

The Christmas music plinks and plunks through the dark air of the zoo, a rare treat of holiday lights, hot chocolate and extra hours with the animals.

The ride itself is pure happiness but this Moment Before, standing behind their Big and Little, seeing them separated only by a few inches and a few years, silhouetted by the revolving lights and radiating excitement, that is the memory I want to keep.

pixel The Moment Before