The Littlest Witch

by Jennifer on November 1, 2016


The long line of shadowy figures puttered down the street, intermittent glares from the parent-held flashlights contrasting with the glow from the neon bracelets the children sported in order to be more easily identified in the dark.

The little witch carried her black cat treat bag with purpose, her gait reflecting the independent determination so characteristic of my little two year old. The gold glitter amid the black tulle of her skirt danced in the reflected light against the darkness of her pig-tailed silhouette.

At one point her pace slowed as she held the hand of her classmate, dressed as Elsa, their tiny fingers entertained in a joint effort to hold the traditional plastic pumpkin that swung between them.

House after house the little witch followed the pack of bouncing children up the front walkway, where she expectantly held out her treat bag, accepted the candy that was offered (usually with a smile at her tiny stature), trekked back down the walkway and on towards the next house. This ritual repeated itself for a surprisingly long amount of time, without an expression of uncertainly or doubt on her part until a fire truck drove by honking its horn and blaring the theme from Halloween, full of scarily-masked firemen. At that point, she became my baby again.


I remember the Halloween when S was this age, dressed as a puppy dog, his older brother as Spiderman. I wrote about that night four years ago, because I wanted to etch all of the tiny details of this age into my memory. That puppy dog is now a pteranodon fossil and nearly the age that Spiderman was then. Spiderman is now a grim reaper, almost unrecognizable as the boy who threw a fit over Favorite Slushy.

The little witch spent the rest of the night huddled at the coffee table, going through her stash piece by piece. Each piece was to be unwrapped, licked once, and discarded in the trash with the declaration of “I don like dat.”

She summarily dismissed each piece of her hard-earned loot. As with most things for the little witch, it was all about the process and never the result.


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Melinda Little November 1, 2016 at 9:20 pm

Great blog!

Jennifer November 1, 2016 at 9:26 pm

Thanks Melinda!

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