Spiderman’s Puppy Dog

by Jennifer on November 1, 2012

Spidey sped past us with his puppy dog trick-or-treat bag flailing behind him as the Puppy gripped my fingers with one hand and his Spidey tin bucket with the other.

Wait a second…shouldn’t that be the other way around?

Yes.  Yes, it should.

But Spidey made no complaints when the Puppy tossed his own dog-themed bag aside in favor of his big brother’s spiderman tin, the one Spidey has carried for the past three years.  No argument, no fit, there wasn’t even the hint of a pout.

This was a complete reversal of the state of affairs thirty minutes prior when it seemed the world would end as the result of a carelessly discarded slushy on the way out of a Halloween party.  Apparently, it was Spidey’s “Favorite Slushy”, I was a mean Mommy for throwing it out with the rest of our trash as we were leaving, and the only proper way to mourn Favorite Slushy was with the requisite amount of moaning and wailing.

How quickly moods change when you’re six.

SlushyGate was long forgotten in the excitement of trick-or-treating.

Spidey charged ahead while the Puppy gripped my hand, unable to move beyond a snail’s pace while taking in everything around him, the Spidey bucket clanging against his stockinged legs, tail wagging from his plump, fluff-stuffed behind.    I made a mental note to remember his small stature and the shuffle of his feet, the rustling of his costume and what it feels like to hold his hand, his head turning left to right and back again, trying to take in the whole street full of excited voices and make-believe.

It took about three houses for the Puppy to master the act of trick-or-treating.  Approach the house, reach in the candy basket, choose a piece and put it in the spiderman bucket.  Any attempt by homeowners or older children to help him out by tossing the candy in his bucket for him were met with a scowl and an evasive manuever.

Spidey scoped out the street a few houses ahead of us, venturing out then coming back to collect his brother when he found an especially nice neighbor.

“I’ve been here before,” as though they wouldn’t remember, “but I’m bringing back my baby brother.”  The Puppy would release my hand as Spidey took over, crouching down, arms encircling his brother, gently urging him forward, protective but encouraging.

And my heart smiled as I watched them.

We were worn out after only one block and returned home, sugar-laden loot in tow.

The next morning as I buckled Baby S (back to his true toddler form) into the car, I let out a groan of frustration as I tipped over my coffee cup and watched my caramel colored sleep-deprived salvation slide out over the pavement.  I saw Little Boy K (superhero free) look up at me and I stuck out my lip in a pout.

He gave me his most empathetic look and said in a soothing voice, “That’s okay, Mommy.  I know how it feels to lose a drink.”  Trick or treat magic having dissipated and the Halloween hangover in full swing, we were back to the demise of his Favorite Slushy.


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Stacie @ Snaps and Bits November 2, 2012 at 1:20 pm

The slushy comes full circle! So awesome :)
Stacie @ Snaps and Bits recently posted..It’s Still A Sandy Mess Over HereMy Profile

Jamie@SouthMainMuse November 2, 2012 at 3:09 pm

I’m always guilty of this. Cleaning up and throwing away their drinks (or food) then an hour later they are wondering where it is. Makes me crazy. Terribly cute in their costumes though.
Jamie@SouthMainMuse recently posted..Project Runway, Madison GA. Chris Hudson Couture.My Profile

Louise Ducote November 2, 2012 at 3:16 pm

What a sweet child! You must have been so proud. Spilling your coffee (and it always happens when you need it most) is the worst. A first world problem, yes, but a real problem nonetheless!
Louise Ducote recently posted..One Day CloserMy Profile

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