Nap Time

by Jennifer on April 30, 2013

Nap time is one of my favorite parts of the day, a trait I share with many mothers.

But not for the reason you may think.

Not because it signifies break time for Mommy (because the way nap time works in our household does not involve break time), but because it is quiet time where I can lay down beside you and think…

…about how quickly you are growing…

When we started these naps, you were a tiny little bundle, then eventually your feet reached down to my stomach and now you sprawl out across the bed, your toes extending to my knees.

…about how quickly you are changing…

You used to fly through the world free of the typical dependencies and attachments of babyhood, no pacifier addiction or required blanket.  Now we trek off to bed dragging Woo-Hoo the Owl, Tigey the Lovie and Mank-Mank the Mickey Mouse and sometimes a truck or two…or three.

…about how quickly life changes…

The days of carrying you to bed are over as you now drag me by the hand to “nur-nur night-night”, turn off the light and turn on the sound machine yourself.

This time is becoming less and less frequent.  This time, once a daily requirement, is now a special treat for days when the rest of life’s obligations do not get in our way.

Often I will look in the rearview mirror of the car to find your eyes closed and my heart sinks, knowing we have missed another nap together.

I have had people groan to me about what a pain it must be to have to nap with you.

“Think of all you could do during that time.”

“That’s when I get most of my work done.”

“What do you do while you’re laying there?”

Yes, think of all the dishes I could have washed, all the clothes I could have folded, all the emails I could have answered during those hours.  But dishes, dirty clothes and emails will still be there when this time is gone.

I chose instead to lay with you and watch your gray eyes get heavy with sleep and finally close.  I chose to watch your chest rise and fall with the sweet sound of your breath, to inhale the warm smell of sleep on your hair, to see your eyelashes flutter when you dream, and enjoy the silence that comes with knowing you are safe and content beside me.


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