by Jennifer on October 22, 2013

I looked up from my work and realized he was gone, that there was only one other little body in the room, not the two I expected.

I did a quick scan of the areas I could immediately see to determine if he was hiding behind a couch with a horde of Iron Men, talking to himself, or if he had built a quilt fort somewhere I hadn’t noticed…but nothing, he was gone.

In his room, surely, where he spends more and more of his time these days.  I know part of it is having a little brother who wants to play with his big brother all of the time and as an older sibling myself, I understand the need for space and privacy.

But I miss having him in front of me all of the time.

I miss overhearing his two-sided conversations.  They told me so much about what was going on in his life and his thoughts.

And I know that is part of growing up and getting older, a gradual need for a slow separation.

That doesn’t mean I have to like it or that I do not miss him.

As parents we often want them to stay little forever, because that means they stay close.  And the emptiness in the living room now is a reminder of the more permanent emptiness that will come some day, long before I’m ready.

But the important thing is that it comes when he is ready.  This is his childhood, I’m just lucky enough to be along for the ride.


I’m back at Yeah Write this week after a prolonged absence.  I would blame that on a couple of things but who really cares, why?  Missed y’all!

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