Baby Bites: Eggs, Toilets and Mutants

by Jennifer on April 7, 2012

Voodoo+Easter+Eggs Baby Bites:  Eggs, Toilets and Mutants

Little Boy K drew a portrait of Baby S on an Easter egg:

BabySEgg Baby Bites:  Eggs, Toilets and Mutants

At first I thought this was very sweet, but then as I watched him relish holding the egg at the bottom of the dye cup for an unusually long period of time, I started to have second thoughts.

Brotherly Bathtime will remain closely supervised for the near future.


Toilets Baby Bites:  Eggs, Toilets and Mutants

I received an email from Little Boy K’s Kindergarten teacher (thank GOD teachers didn’t have email when I was in school – it’s like a feed for naughty little boys):

“Ms. KiddiePoolMommy, I was a little upset with Little Boy K today when the boys told me and he didn’t deny that he put a belt in the toilet. Little Boy K is so smart I just can’t believe sometimes the things he will do because he said someone told him to do it. Please have a little talk with him. I know you will know what to do. Thanks.”

I’m assuming that “you will know what to do” did not include giggle.  But giggle I did.  And once I confirmed with him that it wasn’t his belt that he put in the toilet, I giggled even more (behind the guise of a very stern and disappointed motherly face).

Granted, putting a belt in the toilet isn’t particularly mature but, you know, he’s six and he’s a boy.  It’s not like he was smoking crack behind the dumpsters.

I suppose I was a little troubled by his behavior because as I dropped him off for school the next day, after saying goodbye, I frantically shouted “Don’t put anything in the toilet today!”  Scores of little heads (and big ones too) turned in my direction. My face reddens.  “Oh, and I love you!”


Mutants Baby Bites:  Eggs, Toilets and Mutants

K and I have been reading a lot of mythology lately.  I was a history major with a concentration in classical Greece so I have a soft spot for mythology and K has several books that are futile attempts at making mythology child-appropriate.  It’s a tough row to hoe.  Mythology is violent and scary and sometimes requires me to come up with some very tenuous ways of explaining what we are reading.  But he loves it.  It has some unintended conversational consequences though.  For example, not many children run into their rooms at bedtime shouting “Mommy let’s read Orpheus and Eurydice followed by The Trojan War!”

I admit, I swelled with pride.

And this:

K:  Mommy what is a mutant?

Me:  Well I guess it is something that isn’t completely one thing or another.  Like Wolverine.

I can see his hamster turning in its wheel.  Then his face brightens.

K:  Oh!  Like the chimera!  And the minotaur!

Again, I swelled with pride.

Me:  I can’t believe you remembered what a chimera is.  Little Boy K, you have such a good memory.

And his response?

K:  Well I’ve been alive as a kid for a long time.

kbabypool Baby Bites:  Eggs, Toilets and Mutants


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pixel Baby Bites:  Eggs, Toilets and Mutants