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 I’m “Mom” to Big Boy K (10), “Mommy” to Little Boy S (5), a  milk machine to Baby E (1), a chew toy to a dachshund and furniture to a cat. I’m a lawyer, now work-at-home (mostly) mom, or as I like to say Director of Child, Family, and Household Development.  Having traded one lifelong ambition for three little yummy-smelling snuggly ones, I struggle to balance my love for my kids, my desire to carve a place for myself, and my need to excel at both.

Mostly, I find that all the beautiful moments (and many not-so-beautiful ones) fly in and out of my life so quickly and I just do not want to forget anything.  I want to remember it all and be able to share it with K and S and E as they grow up.


You may contact me at mom@treadingwaterinthekiddiepool.com.  You can also find me on Twitter @kiddiepoolmommy or Facebook.

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